Benjamin Daniel Thomas
PO Box 103 729, D - 45 037 Essen

Telephone +49. 201. 79 88 579
Fax +49. 201. 79 88 275
Mobile +49. 160th 94 80 94 56

Born - Date: May 07, 1987
Nationality: German
Marital status: Single

School / career (brief overview):

1993 - 1998 Cranach Elementary School
1998 - 2004 Episcopal School on Main Stoppenberg private school in the Diocese of Essen with the completion of middle school with a qualification for high school seniors
2004 - 2006 School of Economics and Management, Erich-Brost with the completion of the technical college
2006 - 2007 year internship to gain access of the study at the immigration office of the city of Essen, Stadtwerke Essen Sparkasse Essen Society for Social Services, Ltd. (GSE)
Since 2007, studied economics at the University of Bochum
Since 2011 members of the Student Senate representative for students with disabilities and chronic disease at the University of Bochum

Political activity.

Since 2004 the local board of assessors CDU Essen-Rüttenscheid
2006 - 2008 District Manager of Student Union Ruhrgebiet
2007 - 2008 Deputy Chairman of the Student Union, North Rhine-Westphalia
Association since 2006, lecturer and conference director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation with a focus on conferences on the topic of people with disabilities
Since 2007 Member of the District Board of the Junge Union Essen-Mitte
Since 2008 Member of the European Working Group of the CDU Essen
Since 2008 Member of the circuit board of the CDA Essen
2009 - 2010 Member of the Federal Executive of the Christian Democrats for Life (CDL)
Since 2009 Advisor of the CDU faction in the Council of Essen in the Committee on Social Affairs, Labor and Health
Since 2010, county chairman of the JungenCDA Essen
Since 2010 member of the faculty of the Department of Economics University of Bochum
Since 2011 member of the district executive of the Junge Union Essen
2011 - 2012 Member of Student Council of the University of Bochum
Since 2012 Member of the Arbeitskeises mobility with obstruction of traffic Essen AG (Local)
Since 2012 Member of the network, people with disabilities (PLI), the CDU NRW

Political Priorities:

Health, disability, education, transportation, worker, child and youth policy


Since 2003, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Youth Union
Since 2005, Christian Democrats for Life (CDL)
Since 2006, Christian Democratic Employees' Association (CDA) and JungeCDA (JCDA)
Since 2006, Werder Bremen
Since 2006, Health Policy Working Group North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW GPA)
Association since 2007 German José Carreras Leukemia Foundation
Since 2008, Kolping Essen-Frillendorf
Since 2009 Sponsors School and apprentice training eV (FSL)
Since 2010 Italian Cultural Association - Tedesca
Since 2010
industrial Union Mining, Chemical and Energy (IG BCE)
Since 2010 citizens and tourist office Rüttenscheid
since 2011 European Union and Germany Young European Federalists (JEF)
since 2011 interest group Rüttenscheider (IGR)
since 2012 Borussia Dortmund

Why am I doing politics?

Now I would like to change things and complain not just me, but I championed the citizens. For only those who committed themselves can change something and who does nothing can change that.