Dear visitors,

In the following I would like to give you some positions of mine for which I use and advertise.

Labor market policies:
In recent years, our labor market in Germany has proven to be very robust and crisis-proof. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the history of the Federal Republic and the lowest since reunification. Youth unemployment in Germany is lower than in any other country in the European Union. But we must not forget those who still have a hard time on the job market, we need more inclusion in the primary labor market, and we must also think about older workers. How can we design work environments so that they can be afforded at 65?

Education policy:

Good education policy is key to the overall development of a society. We also need a multi-faceted school system in the future. Because with a high school alone or even a unified school of all comprehensive school is not enough. People are far too individualistic that a school could map the needs and requirements of all students. A big challenge for the schools is without question inclusion of students with a handicap. We will also need special needs schools in the future, because not everyone can attend a regular school, there are a number of severely multiple disabilities where visiting a regular school in my view makes no sense. But the special schools we do not need anymore, we open for a regular operation because these schools are geared to the needs of people with disabilities. It is much cheaper to open these schools for the non-disabled as all schools barrier-free rebuild. But we must not forget that in inclusion we have to think about the time after school. This means that we must also achieve inclusion at universities and universities, but especially in the training market.

Especially in the current time, more than ever, we see that we need Europe, for a European solution because we will only be able to solve many challenges together. For this reason, it is right that we continue to work for a strong European Union.

Inclusion and, in particular, a successful one is a task for the whole of society. This is one of the great future topics for our society. Inclusion must not be seen in isolation, but must be seen as interlocking with all issues.

Zero tolerance against right-wing populists, right-wing extremists and right-wing extremists:
In recent years, an increase in the sentence: "One will say yes again ..." To recognize. No one will not say again! As a society we must set a clear sign for now tolerance against right-wing populists, right-wing extremists and right-wing extremists It must never again be the eternal yesterday in our country get the majority or try the thinking of a society; to influence.

In times of demographic change, care is one of the biggest challenges in society. Society is getting older and older and there are fewer and fewer young people. More and more people want to live in their own four walls, even in old age, that's what we need to be prepared for. An important me one thing in this context is age-appropriate living. There must be more apartments in Germany that are dependent on the special needs of elderly people who are sometimes in need of care.

Queer Politics:
In 2016 there is still discrimination against gay lesbians Bi or transgender, so we all have to work together for a diverse society. There must finally be a "marriage for all" no matter what sexual orientation they have. Likewise, there must be his adoption right for same-sex civil partnerships. We should also adequately compensate the victims of §175.
Another important issue is the advocacy of the stigmatization of HIV-infected people.

Sports policy:
Even in times of strained financial situation of the municipalities we need in the municipalities attractive sport offer especially for young people. But inclusive sport also needs to be strengthened. In addition to competitive sports, there must also be a clear promotion of grassroots sport. Especially in amateur football, we have to do everything we can to counteract the oncoming violence.